1. What is Loanasaan?

A web portal developed to engage, educate and target progressive mass consumer audience seeking financial betterment by availing loans.

2. What type of loans are available in Loanasaan?

Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Auto Loans & Home Loans.

3. Can I compare banks?

Yes, Loanasaan offers comparative bank analysis for all consumer product type. Simply click here to find out more!!

4. How many types of lending institutions are available on Loanasaan?

Product offering from both Conventional & Islamic Banking are hosted on Loanasaan.

5. What are comparative criteria available on Loanasaan?

Comparison of both conventional & Islamic banks are available in terms of Applicable Rates, Processing Fees, Monthly Installments, total no of Installments, Total Loan Amount.

6. How can I check eligibility & estimated loan amount against my earnings?

Eligibility & Loan amount can easily be calculated through our instant credit report with just a few steps. Click here to begin the process!!

7. What type of documentations are required while applying for a loan?

Documentation requirements are different for both product & may vary bank wise as well. To find out the requirement for a specific category simply click here or select the Bank Information link on main homepage.

8. What are the pre-requisites while applying for a loan?

Pre-requisites for loans are defined through Key Product Features, Eligibility, Mark-up Rates, Required Documents.

9. What is a loan Calculator?

A calculation tool to assess estimated monthly Installments